Why English Music Academy?
English Music Academy nurtures and fosters creativity in music performance. We understand and appreciate the cultural influence it has on our everyday lives and value the musicians who create and perform for the benefit of others. The aim of English Music Academy is to encourage students to be forward looking in their musical development and we want to inspire and enthuse the next generation of musicians to reach their full potential.
What's different about EMA?
English Music Academy is a collaborative organisation organising bespoke courses in partnership with schools and youth orchestras throughout the world. Our courses bring additional benefit to the creative work that is already in place and are focussed towards the needs and requirements of each organisation. Our tutors are high-performing professional musicians and educators with necessary teaching skills to insire young musicians. We offer two types of music course: the chamber music course and the ABRSM Bootcamp, available in a 1-day, 2-day or 4-day format
What are its objectives?
English Music Academy’s objectives are to encourage all young people to experience the joy of learning and performing a musical instrument and for this experience to bring benefit to their personal, social, educational and family lives. By initiating partnerships with educational organisations these courses offer the potential for long term relationships based on mutual understanding with appreciation of the needs and requirements of the host school or orchestra. English Music Academy connects with professional orchestras and offers the opportunity for exciting musical opportunities as part of the their education and community work. EMA aims to to deliver innovative teaching practice and related concert activity and has an inclusive approach to all projects (social background, diversity, disadvantaged)
Would English Music Academy collaborate with my school or youth orchestra?
English Music Academy welcomes collaborations with all educational establishments. An initial 1-day course is often a great way to begin a relationship and this can lead on to more extended projects in the future. We can also advise on setting up new projects such as a choir or instrumental ensemble and can structure individual or ensemble repertoire geared to existing levels of attainment. For advanced musicians side-by-side projects with professional musicians can be inspirational and a superb way to develop high-level performance
Why is music so important anyway?
Music is an art form that is found in every culture of the world. It allows everyone to explore their own creativity and to express themselves in a way that brings benefit to others. The perseverance and self-discipline it takes to learn an instrument impacts on organisational skills and, as most musicians perform as part of a group, places an emphasis on team building and communication. Musical empathy helps coordination, reading and comprehension and assists young minds in understanding the importance of responsibility. Music performance demands high levels of concentration but activates self-esteem and creates a real sense of self-worth and achievement. Confidence within social groups, increased listening skills and a happier, more fulfilled lifestyle are all added benefits brought about by playing a musical instrument.
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