About English Music Academy
English Music Academy is a dynamic organisation dedicated to bringing the finest learning opportunities to young musicians. With eight years of experience devising and promoting music courses, our focus is towards excellence using individual practice methods and chamber music as the key to quality performance.
We believe in a holistic and practical approach to music learning linking instrumental work, singing, theory, sight reading and technique to illuminate and inform. Using this method, students quickly understand how all aspects of musicality are interrelated and form a finished work, and how this feeds into performance, personal practice and group rehearsals. Skills taught are transferable to any instrument and any piece of music. The whole process of learning music becomes more manageable and fun, giving the student greater ownership and trust in their performance experience.
By linking pieces covered in our ensembles with the Elements sessions on EMA courses, students will be given comprehensive guide to each of these aspects of music: rhythm, meter, pitch, melody, phrasing, harmony, tempo, dynamics and performance skills, and will be taught
how to apply these in their personal practice.
We will cover ways to make sight reading and aural skills more manageable, and all relevant aspects of music theory as well as giving advice about performing with an accompanist and in ensembles, thus creating a ‘complete picture’ as well as empowering students who are preparing for exams.
EMA collaborates with other educational organisations to provide bespoke performance courses for all musicians but with a particular emphasis on young musicians aged 8-18 years. Our aim is to develop links with educational organisations, learn about their existing music provision and offer courses or programmes that give added value to the existing provision. Developing and sustaining long-term relationships is at the core of EMA’s philosophy.

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